2021 Suit Update

    2021 Update

    If you want a Team Suit for 2021, we're going to be very flexible. Due to uncertainties this season, we are hesitant to tell D&J to order a lot of a new model of suit.

    Option 1: Stay with the Tyr Phoenix Splice (Purple). This works really well if you already have that model and it still fits. If you buy one this year, we're always pretty flexible on team suits, so you wouldn't have to change next year even though we are planning on changing suits (Phoenix is being discontinued). It's a great suit and some are available locally (limited to stock in store) from D&J on Mason.  832-321-7946  katy@djsports.com.

    Option 2: Dolfin Color Block Reliance DBX in Purple. This is an affordable option this year. D&J is going to have these as well. $38 for girl's suits, $31 for boy's jammers. This is a very competitive price for these suits.


    Option 3: Just get a couple of mid-level competition style suits online. We have had good luck with Sporti and Dolfin brands from Swimoutlet.com. The team color is purple (preferred for meets, not needed for practice only), and there are a lot of nice designs; pick what you like. You may want to order a practice suit anyway just to alternate suits.

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